The entrance to the Kumano Magaibutsu is Imakumanosan Taizoji Temple at the foot of Mt. Tahara (Mt. Saw) in Tasome, Bungotakada City. If you divide a steep mountain road about 300 meters from the side of this temple, you will reach a stone staircase with a pile of natural stones, which is said to have been piled up overnight by demons. Climbing this steep stone staircase opens your left hand and reveals two giant cliffs carved into the rock wall. The author of the Buddha is unknown, but it is said to be the work of Tathagata in the list of Antei, which also includes the treasures of the principal image of the Rokugoyama temple. The actual situation is unknown, but behind the Makai Buddha, there is a cave (called Gosho Obiba) where a Buddhist priest is said to have been.

Also, when you climb the stone steps, you will find Kumano Shrine.